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Designer Skin Just Say Yes!

Just Say Yes!
Designer Skin Just Say Yes! Self Tanner with Mega Bronzers
4.5 fl. oz.
No longer do you have to say No No No... to sunless color. No orangeyness, no streaking, no odor, just glam tastically sun kissed skin. Designer Skin® lets you just say yes! Yes! YES! A satin lotion with an oh-so-deep, dark bronze, you won't believe it's a sunless tanner. Complete with mega bronzers and subtle shimmers, create picture-perfect succulent skin while imbuing a rich, natural coverage. The flawless blend of vitamin E and chamomile soothe and satisfy while delivering antioxidant protection to help reduce signs of premature aging.
  • Delivering the deepest, darkest bronze achievable in a sunless tanner.
  • Luxurious, paraben-free, satin formula ensures even color distribution.
  • Vitamin E and chamomile protect skin to help reduce the signs of aging.
  • Fresh Intent™ Technology helps ensure an odorless tanning experience.
  • Apply generously over already tan skin for an even deeper pop of color.
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